Siapa musuh Warisan?

Jawabnya sudah tentu BN dan PN.

Siapa pula musuh BN dan PN?

Jawabnya sudah tentu Warisan.

Adakah ini bermakna BN dan PN bersahabat?

Ya, mereka bersahabat tetapi mereka juga bermusuh sesama sendiri dalam waktu yang sama.

Pertama, masing-masing BN dan PN ada calon Ketua Menteri sendiri yang mahu ditonjolkan.

Maknanya, mereka ada dua calon Ketua Menteri yang berbeza dan berebut jawatan antara satu sama lain.

Ia tidak sama dengan Warisan Plus yang hanya ada seorang saja calon Ketua Menterinya.

Kedua, berikutan itu, masing-masing antara BN dan PN cuba untuk memenangi lebih kerusi supaya jawatan Ketua Menteri berpihak kepada mereka.

Dalam keadaan ini, BN dan PN bukan saja mahu mengalahkan Warisan, tetapi antara mereka juga ingin menewaskan antara satu sama lain.

Ertinya, BN mahu PN menang kerusi yang sedikit dan PN pula ingin BN kalah lebih banyak kerusi yang mereka tandingi.

Lantaran demikian, antara taktik yang dikesan ialah melalui cubaan mengelirukan pengundi seperti mempamerkan logo PN tetapi meletakkan simbol dacing di sebelahnya.

Walhal, BN yang menggunakan simbol dacing bukan anggota PN dan PN bukan sebahagian daripada BN, sebaliknya BN dan PN hanyalah anggota GRS bersama PBS yang tidak pun didaftarkan secara sah.

Adakah ini bermakna PN lebih terdesak untuk memastikan Hajiji Noor sebagai Ketua Menteri?

Apakah PN lebih takut Bung Mokhtar Radin yang berjaya menjadi Ketua Menteri selepas 26 September nanti? (Shahbudindotcom 21/09/2020)

Updated: 21 September 2020 — 11:55 am


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    Britain Is At COVID-19 Tipping Point, Health Minister Says……..

    (CNA) – Britain is at a tipping point on COVID-19, health minister Matt Hancock said on Sunday (Sep 20), warning that a second national lockdown could be imposed if people don’t follow government rules designed to stop the spread of the virus.

    COVID-19 cases have risen sharply in recent weeks to more than 4,000 per day, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling it a second wave and stricter lockdown measures being introduced in areas across the country.

    “The nation faces a tipping point and we have a choice,” Hancock told Sky News. “The choice is either that everybody follows the rules … or we will have to take more measures.”

    Hancock later told the BBC that a second national lockdown was possible option.

    “I don’t rule it out, I don’t want to see it,” he said.

    Johnson announced fines of up to £10,000 (US$12,900) on Saturday for people in England who break new rules requiring them to self-isolate if they have been in contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

    In addition to tighter rules on social gatherings across the country, several cities and regions in Britain have had ‘local lockdowns’ imposed, limiting even more strictly when, where and how many people can meet up socially.

    Asked about comments from London mayor Sadiq Khan, who said on Friday new restrictions were increasingly likely in the capital, Hancock said: “I’ve had discussions this week with the Mayor of London, and the teams are meeting today to discuss further what might be needed.”

  3. OK, makan time.

    Thereafter, rest and TV time.

    Good night, folks.

  4. Tentu mampus PN dan BN di Sabah

    1. Kamu tengok crystal ball ker?

      Atau jumpa bomoh sana sini telek itu ini ker?

    2. OK Laili, I withdraw my comment. You have a right to express your opinion, albeit completely unsubstantiated.

      Wish you have given a few reasons why you think so.

      I also want to learn, very poor knowledge about Sabah politics.

  5. Tak masuk sini lagi dah Wak Kontol Kejora Kojolla, WKKK.

    Tak dapat naik muka dia di sini. Dibalun, ditibai, dibantai tiap kali dia masuk di masa yang lalu.

    Kot dia dah mampos. Kalau betul, Inna lillah … Rest In Peace.

    1. Dah penat dia gamak nya.

      Maklumlah, orang tua dah 80an tahun umur nya.

      Well, this blog is not for the faint-hearted, or the weak-hearted.

      But rest assured, write normal, fair comments, you’ll be treated fairly in return. No harsh words even, let alone obscene ones.


    Questions Over ‘Dumping’ Of PAS In Sabah Polls…….

    Dr Moaz Nair, Free Malaysia Today

    PAS has long been established as an Islamist party with the idea of promoting Islam as an ideal platform for governance. PAS has faith in political Islam.

    Before this, PAS was against secularism or any other political means to govern the country, let alone work with non-Muslim political parties.

    To PAS, political Islam is its pristine goal, even when the world has now seen many Muslim countries fail in their mission by opting for this religio-political stance. Some of these countries have audaciously reverted to secularism and have now separated politics from religion.

    In local politics, PAS was at one time so adamant that political Islam should be the definitive saviour of the nation.

    They went solo to achieve this mission. Failing in their efforts and losing in many elections, they have decided to abandon their ideals and are now working with Umno, PPBM and even some non-Muslim political parties to seek power.

    Today, by aligning themselves to Umno, Barisan Nasional and also Perikatan Nasional, PAS has in a way soiled its image as an Islamist party they had vouched for earlier. What more when many PAS supporters are now dismayed seeing how PAS is only being made use of by other more dominant parties in BN and PN.

    PAS’ real goal in going into politics

    PAS leaders have reiterated umpteen times that going into politics is not to win but more of “an obligation to please the Almighty”. Win or lose is not their prime aim as long as they have fulfilled, as they claim, “the Almighty’s decree in sending the message of religion to the people”.

    Unfortunately, it was reported that Sabah PAS was not even invited to PN’s Sabah election candidate announcement in Kota Kinabalu despite the Islamist party being involved in seat negotiations earlier. Neither was Sabah PAS invited to Umno-BN’s event of the same.

    PAS claims to have a significant number of members and supporters in Sabah. By not contesting in the Sabah election, PAS may not be able to convince the electorate that they have their religious mission to accomplish. PAS too has “a missionary duty” to convince the non-Muslims of their intent in politics.

    However, what puzzles the electorate more is whether it’s true that politics is not everything to PAS, as often claimed by the party’s president. The electorate is now getting more confused as they do not seem to understand PAS’ real objective in taking on politics.

    Some do feel that the party should have stuck to doing proselytising work than getting involved in the dog-eat-dog world of politics. Politics, for that matter, is not an altruistic pitch, unlike religion.

    PAS not offered any seat

    The fact now remains that despite PAS being allied to PN as well as Muafakat Nasional, they were not offered a single seat to contest in Sabah. PAS was expecting to contest at least 10 seats but now this dream has been foiled by their close allies.

    Umno and PPBM, on the other hand, are contesting 31 and 19 seats respectively, leaving PAS with none.

    It seems like both PN and Umno have ditched PAS in Sabah for reasons only known to Umno and PPBM. PAS, on its part, is now doing some soul searching as to why they were dumped.

    Some PAS leaders claim that contesting in Sabah is going to split votes and this can be unfavourable to Umno and PPBM. However, to many political analysts, this is just sour grapes.

    PAS, undeniably, is not that popular in Sabah with its brand of politics. Nevertheless, if Umno and PPBM are best of friends, they could always canvas hard for PAS candidates to win.

    Or, could it be because Umno is not happy that PAS has become part of PN, or PN, on its part, is not happy with PAS calling a shot in Sabah for fear that Muslim votes will be split?

    But why must PAS give in to demands from PN and Umno when the party’s goal of contesting in elections is only “to spread the message of the Almighty” and not to really win?

    Can this also be a hint that PAS will be cast off by PN and Umno in the 15th general election?

    Umno is still a formidable force in Terengganu and Kedah. Umno may not want PAS to rule the two states forever. There’s already speculation that Umno may contest against PAS in these two states, at least.

    PPBM, however, without strong grassroots support, may not be a threat to the dominance of Umno and PAS in these two states.

    No role to play in by-elections

    PAS was never once chosen to contest in the 12 by-elections held after the 14th general election, despite being a partner to Umno in Muafakat Nasional. Yet, PAS canvassed and gave its support to Umno-BN candidates despite a few of these candidates being non-Muslim.

    In the Balakong and Tanjung Piai by-elections, PAS gave its support to MCA candidates despite the fact that MCA had, reportedly, opposed PAS’ version of the hudud law. Ironically, in the Tanjung Piai by-election, PAS drummed up support for the MCA candidate despite PPBM fielding a Malay-Muslim candidate.

    In the latest event, when none of PAS members was chosen to contest the 73 seats in the Sabah election, this can be seen as a big disappointment to PAS supporters.

    This Sabah conundrum for PAS cannot be considered a political strategy, as claimed by a senior PAS leader.

    PAS supporters now would want to know the actual role of PAS in PN and Muafakat Nasional.

    Many disgruntled PAS members are beginning to feel that the party is being made use of only to prop up Umno and PPBM.

    It now appears like PAS has to stand alone to accomplish its altruistic religious ideology if it desires to survive in politics and keep its supporters from not abandoning the party.

  7. zunnun pukimak ini hanya mahu menjatuhkan maruah Islam, Nabi Muhammad dan Muslimin.

    Dia patut tahu bahawa Kristian pun ada cerita Jesus jadi Tuhan –

    How Did Jesus Become God—and Why –

    Jesus – The Jewish religion in the 1st century | › biography › Jesus

    The Jesus Movement | From Jesus To Christ

    1. Ingat, Jesus, Nabi depa, jadi Tuhan.

      zunnun pukimak pokok Kayu Ara jadi Tuhan dia.

      Menonggang nonggek lah dia di situ.

      Mintak nombor ekor. KEPALA BAPAK DIA, kata Najib Klepto wal Jibo.


    Suit Over Anwar’s Pardon Can Go On, Rules High Court……

    (FMT) – The High Court here today dismissed applications by the government and Anwar Ibrahim to strike out a lawsuit filed against them by lawyer Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz over Anwar’s pardon in 2018.

    In his lawsuit, Khairul is seeking a declaration that the pardon given to Anwar is not in accordance with the law, as the Federal Territories Pardons Board was not formed in accordance with provisions in the Federal Constitution.

    Judge Akhtar Tahir ruled that this is not a clear cut case to be summarily dismissed through striking out the applications by the government and Anwar under the Rules of Court.

    “Evidence might need to be called before the court. The second defendant (Anwar) also has the right to cross-examine the witnesses,” he said.

    Akhtar also said there are questions that need to be answered on why the Yang di-Pertuan Agong set aside Anwar’s conviction for his sodomy cases.

    “Other accused persons who are facing similar charges would feel injustice as they were not pardoned and they will be asking questions on why this person (Anwar) is pardoned,” he said.

    Akhtar set March 24 to 26, 2021 as the hearing dates.

    “I will give the parties enough time to appeal until the Federal Court,” he added.

    Anwar was represented by lawyer J Leela, and senior federal counsel Natra Idris appeared for the government. Khairul was represented by fellow lawyers M Reza Hassan and Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

    Khairul previously said he was of the view that the composition of the pardons board was not in accordance with Article 42 (5) to advise the Agong to pardon Anwar.

    He said he had the legal standing to bring the action as an aggrieved person.

    The lawyer said then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced on May 11, 2018, two days after Pakatan Harapan came into power, that the king had granted a full pardon to Anwar.

    “The pardon came about just before a Cabinet was formed and this was in violation of Article 42 (4) and (5) of the supreme law of the nation,” he said.

    Further, he said, the board had not existed on May 16, 2018 to advise the king to pardon Anwar, who is currently the opposition leader.

    Khairul said a board member – then attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali – was on garden leave and the Federal Territories minister had yet to be appointed. He also said Apandi had also not assigned the solicitor-general to represent him at the meeting.

    Article 42 (5) states the Federal Territories pardons board membership should consist of the attorney-general, the minister and at least three others to advise the king.

    The Federal Court, in early 2015, affirmed Anwar’s five-year jail term over a charge of sodomising his aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

    Anwar told a press conference on May 16, 2018, that the king had granted him a full pardon in his three trials – abuse of power, Sodomy 1 and Sodomy 2 – on the basis that there was a “miscarriage of justice”.

    He said the pardon was also on the basis that there was a conspiracy to condemn him and “assassinate” his political character.

  9. ape itu prophet dan ape itu prophecy?

    arau kah prophet itu ‘orang’ atau ‘sifat tuhan’?

    jika muhammad bin aminah di datangi di lewati oleh ‘sifat tuhan’, keaejukan diri nya merasai kehadiran sifat tuhan yg menghapiri nya..

    perlu di ingati, Sifat Tuhan tidak sesekali terpisah dgn Zat Tuhan, dan bila Sifat Tuhan melewati muhammad….

    bila muhammad akan ke”aku”an diri, lalu Sifat tuhan nyata Zat Yg Berdiri dgn Terperi…..

    tapi, bila sifat tuhan berlalu pergi, lalu muhammad bin aminah tersedar kembali, muhammad sekadar ‘orang’ biasa yg berbini, makan dan berak utk meneruskan hidup kemanusian nya….

    yg suci di sini ape?

    Sifat Ketuhanan Yg melewati muhamnad, seketika2 lalu menyatakan kenabian, prophet nya….

    atau mhammad, orang biasa yg makan, menuntuh bini, kencing & berak?

    prophecy itu ape pula? risalah, kata2 yg di sampaikan…

    tiada lain kerasulan….

    maka, yg mana perlu di utamakan dan di sucikan di sini?

    the driver or the car?

    the prophet/prophecy or the embodiment body?

    …jgn kamu sesekali menyekutukan aku….”

    Kenabian/kerasulan muhammad berserban & berjubah atau pakaian sedemikian budaya arab muhammad?

    berserban & berjubah melambangkan islam? melambangkan pertalian Sifat2 Tuhan & Zat Nya?

    there is A Universal Constant, The Universal Energy, A Constant Reality, Non Destructible, Yet Always Transforming…..

    There is Another Contant Ambiguity, The Prime Essence, Non Destructible, Transforming…..

    there can’t be 2 Constants, unless both are the same, one in the realm of Epistemology and Cognitive while the other, A Realm of Spirituality….

    Zat itu,

    Ujud, Ilmu, Syuhud & Nur….

    2 terdahulu, itu di terokai oleh ilmuan manakali 2 terakhir itu pakaian mereka2 yg ingin menyatakan kenabian/kerasulan Nya….

    1. bila muhammad binasa akan ke”aku”an diri…

    2. Tapi zunnun #kepalabutuh (ingat, dia sendiri yang sign off nama dia #kepalabutuh di komen terdahulu) tidak berpakaian.

      Telanjang, sebab mahu menunjukkan kepalabutuh nya yang hampir tak nampak, amat kecil, malah di masa lahir, bapak nya sangka dia betina.

      There is one constant as far as zunnun #kepalabutuh is concerned – dia sentiasa membutuhkan emak nya selepas bapak nya gol, sakit jantung sebab emak nya syiok kan anak nya zunnun #kepalabutuh.

      Astaghfirullah. Uncivilized depa tuh.

      1. seronok #melayu2uslam dah berani #kepalabutuh sana sini dari asyik mem”butuh” kapir kesana kemari….

        maka jgn berhenti menjilat puki bini, mengabdikan diri sepanjang hari….

        hebat no

        1. Kamu menjilat puki emak kau, nenek kau.

          Kerana hormatkan orang tua. Di minta buat begitu, apo nak di kato.

          Tiap pagi keluar dari bilik emak dan nenek dia berlari ke bilik air nak buangkan bulu dan apa lain yang masuk mulut dia.

          Ingat, komen baik dibalas baik, demikian juga disebalik nya.

          1. mlm nanti pekena lagi oleh bini? takut bini nih…

            asyik jadi abdi menjilat puki bini je ke? 🤣

            1. Kasi kamu peluang melanda landa di sini lah, bodoh.

              Di masa aku tonton TV.

              Pssst, folks, mcm mana bebudak Najib nak tolong dia keluar dari longkang yang dia kena tendang di Pru14 – depa tak reti nak tulis komen.

              Komen bodoh menyakitkan hati, mana pembaca nak ada simpati dengan depa.

            2. Lihat lah komen budak kecik ini – takut bini, abdi bini – astaghfirullah, bodoh nya, macam mana nak menarik sokongan pembaca.

              Lantak lah depa.

  10. #melayu2islam jadi sawan babi bila buku kitab yg di cetak di isbatkan sebagai kalam tuhan, bila ada yg perlekehkan dan menghina buku cetak tersebut….

    tuhan tidak bisu, tapi #melayu2islam dah jadikan tuhan serba bisu, kerana mereka tidak blh menerima ada lagi kata2 tuhan seiring dan penerimaan kesundalan fahaman mereka, “quran itu akhir kalam…”

    alam ini hidup, dan tuhan maha hidup, maka kata2 nya yg strukturkan kelestarian alam ini….

    seperti juga, suami/isteri memcorakan rumah tangga mereka dari kata2 mereka….

    tapi kesundalan ape yg asyik taksub dgn buku kitab tersebut hingga menjadi golongan dhaif, serba tertinggal dan serba miskin ?

    tepuk dada dan tanya pd diri, segala ilmu2 yg ada dan yg akan mengalir, ada ke dari tuhan yg lain?

    malaun2 pAs dah #kepalabutuhkan islam hingga rakyat di kelantang tak mampu di beri bekalan air bersih…

    #melayu2islam asyik memuki sana sini utk meyonjolkan mereka lebih islam kerana parti yg di perakui islam?


    1. zunnun #kepalabutuh,

      Nyata kamu kafir. Tak salah jadi kafir. Tapi salah jadi kafir yang menghasut Islam dan Muslimin. Paling kurang, kamu kafir pukimak.

      Mengata “#kepalabutuhkan islam”, kamu patut di heret ke tepi pantai, di sembamkan muka ke pasir, bont.t kamu di sula dengan buluh tajam, macam dilakukan di zaman Kerajaan Melayu Melaka dulu.

      Tapi sekarang kamu boleh di sula dalam blogs saja. Maka bertalu talu lah kamu di sula di sini sekarang ini.

  11. ape yg paling sundal malaun2 parti Angkut sampah, pAs telah melakukan kpd kesucian ISLAM…(1)

    ….jauh dari kesemestaan ISLAM yg membawa pengertian, satu ikatan yg kekal abadi kpd sekeliam Alam….

    …satu ikatan di mana segala Sifat2 Nya Memuji2 dan Menyatakan Zat Nya, dan Zat Nya sentiasa Bersalaman2 dgn Sifat2 Nya….

    (1) …kesundalan ape #melayu2islam asyik menjunjung buku kitab yg di cetak yg malaun2 mengatakan serba suci….

    di junjung di atas kepala?

    mengape tak koyak kan secebis/sehelai halaman dari muka surat buku kitab yg di cetak lalu lap ke puki selepAs menjilat nya, tentu puki pun jadi suci….

    mungkin baik hadi awang kulum #kepalabutuh nya di assmin, lalu selepAs memancut dan tumpuahan air lendir #kepalabutuh assmin, meleleh dari mulut hadi, di lap dgn muka surat dari buku kitab yg di cetak…

    ape mulut hadi akan jadi suci? ape #kepalabutuh assmin turut suci?

    #kepalabutuh #melayu2islam, yg suci nya buku kitab yg di cetak atau kebenaran yg dapat di fahami….

    #kepalabutuh ape yg #melayu2islam lakukan, hingga buku kitab yg dah lunsur di kutip utk di lupuskan oleh pengawas kerana buku dan ayat2 di dlm nya serba suci ke?

    ini fahaman agama pendewaan bentuk2 belaka, tak ubah satu penjenamaan pagan semata2…

    #kepalabutuh punya #melayu2islam…

    yg sundal nya bermula dari mana? #melayu nya atau keabdian ‘islam’ bentuk pagan nya?

    1. zunnun #kepalabutuh,

      Kamu kafir tapi menuduh PAS macam2. Konon nya mengotorkan kesuciian Islam, Tanpa bukti, fakta atau penerangan siap dengan punca maklumat yang sahih.

      Tapi yang aneh nya ia lah kamu kafir mana tau apa itu kesucian Islam. Kamu hanya menghasut, demikian jahat hingga aku yang bukan ahli atau penyokong PAS, mahu hentam kamu se kuat2 nya dalam blog ini.

      Nyata kamu jahat, tak dibimbing emak bapak kamu adab sopan di masa kecil, sebab depa asyik berkongkak pagi petang siang malam.

    2. zunnun #kepalabutuh,

      Kamu sendiri sign off komen kamu sebagai #kepalabutuh.

      Bagus lah, memberi peluang pembaca senang meng- kepalabutuh kan kamu sekuat kuat nya.

      Menuduh tindakan2 Muslimin sebagai “penjenamaan pagan semata2” membikin kesahihan puki emak kamu melahirkan kamu itu benar atau tidak.

      Mungkin kamu keluar dari puki babi hutan, yang dikejar bapak kamu di masa emak kamu tak boleh ada sex dan dia jadi kemaruk meng kongkak babi hutan.

    3. zunnun #kepalabutuh,

      Kamu bodoh bangang tidak terhingga. Coba keluarkan hujah2 saintifik, kononnya, masakan agama ia lah kepercayaan atau “belief”, takda sains nya di situ.

      Puak kamu tonggang tonggek dengan joss sticks di pangkal pokok Kayu Ara, apa tuhan nya pokok itu?

      Senang cakap, KEPALA BAPAK KAMU. Puki emak kamu salah mengeluarkan kamu. Tidak menyumbang kpd perpaduan, sebaliknya coba memecah belahkan masyarakat Malaysia.


    Tok Mat: Umno May As Well Close Shop In Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah If PAS Stakes Claim To Them…….

    PAS can say whatever it wants during its muktamar, or annual congress, but any negotiations on seats for elections must be done with other Muafakat Nasional (MN) partners, Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said.

    (MMO) – Speaking to Malay daily Utusan Malaysia, the politician also called Tok Mat, said sarcastically that Umno may as well dissolve its chapters and divisions in Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah if PAS wishes to exclusively hold to those three states rather than negotiating with its allies.

    “It’s not fair if we just surrender the three states to PAS. If that’s the case then we might as well dissolve Umno in those states.

    “Regarding this matter we may swap Umno seats in other areas with PAS seats on those states. Nevertheless, discussions have not reached that stage and we will do so in MN,” Mohamad was quoted saying in Utusan Malaysia.

    “I understand that is what they have requested, and it’s not wrong. But in the end there will be a committee from each party that will negotiate and decide on it,” he added, referring to the seats.

    PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang reportedly told party delegates during its muktamar recently that the Islamist party wish to “dominate” the seats in those three states.




    Bumiputera Graduates Cannot Get Jobs Because Of Poor Proficiency In English, Says MEF…. .

    (FMT) – Bumiputeras lagging in labour market mobility and educational achievements is not a new problem, says the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF).

    It said the poor command of English among many Bumiputera graduates was the main reason why they found it hard to get jobs in the private sector, which accounts for more than 90% of jobs in the country.

    MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan believes the perception that employers often discriminated against Bumiputera graduates was wrong because reasonable fluency in English was necessary for those working in the private sector.

    He said not having a good command of the language, whether written or spoken, would lead to difficulties in communications internally as well as with outside parties.

    “In the private sector, most things are done in English and we understand why. It is because there is an overseas market, hence English is used in emails and other modes of communications, too,” he told FMT.

    Shamsuddin said many graduates feared being criticised for their poor command of the English language.

    “There’s no need to be afraid or shy because when they improve, they will benefit from it, too. Companies can then teach them other skills,” he said.

    Shamsuddin was commenting on a new study on affirmative action policies by economist Lee Hwok-Aun, who found that Bumiputeras were still lagging behind in labour market mobility and educational achievements.

    Lee, who works with the Iseas-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore, said Bumiputeras had steadily advanced in acquiring qualifications but were still lacking in these two areas.




    nama ditukar kepada : AL-ZUNNUN AL INSAFI

    pekerjaan baru : Memantau paket-paket daging impot,takot
    ada yg buat naya bubuh daging babi!

  15. Mai nak habaq mai Zunnun oiii,

    Jangan silap no,cek bukan parti pas pis pus

    cek pendakwah bebaih no

    (pinjam longat kedah/mami penang)

    1. Samada hang ahli PAIH ka dak, itu tak penting. Tapi hang jangan la bubuh nama AHLI SYURGA. Selain dari hakikat bahawa syurga itu milik Allah, ianya kedengaran seperti RIAK atau TAKBUR.

      Sebagai makhluk Allah, AHLI NERAKA itu suatu yang pasti, tapi AHLI SYURGA belum tentu cik oiiii….

  16. Parti menjadi musuh kepada parti yang sama bersaing mencari kemenangan memang akan jadi ancaman sabotaj. Tapi dalam isu PN dan BN sebenarnya mereka bukan gabungan atau kawan. Tapi kelompok samseng yang sedang berkomunikasi dan mempamerkan sikap kurang ajar sesama mereka untuk membuktikan diantara mereka…aku yang paling power. Kau boleh buat apa tanpa aku.

    Memang selayak nya parti yang menyebelahi Warisan perlu mengambil kesempatan secepat yang mungkin dan dijadikan senjata menyerang pesaing yang dipandang sebagai musuh politik.. Rakyat dan pengundi akan menilai pencerahan yang disampaikan oleh penceramah mengenai pekara yang sedang berlaku. Apabila mereka faham maka dengan mudah menetapkan calon mana yang bakal mereka pangkah.

    Sekali lagi pemerhati ingin mengingatkan para pemimpin parti PKR bahawa kejadian antara PN dan BN boleh berlaku juga dalam gabungan PKR, DAP dan PAN. Tanda awal sudah kita lihat DAP dan PAN tidak menaruh keyakinan terhadap kewibawaan Anwar ibrahim sebagai pemimpin tertinggi PH mentadbir negara.

    Mereka lebih suka dan percaya pada orang luar dari bersetia kawan dalam membina kekuatan bersama.

    Nafsu pemimpin DAP dan PAN lebih menjurus kepada ingin merasuah dan mengumpul ahli parlimen pengkhianat dalam membina sebuah kerajaan seperti yang dilakukan oleh Muhyiddin, Azmin, Zahid, Hadi Awang.

    Akibat nya Pakatan Harapan yang ada sekarang tidak boleh berfungsi dengan baik biar pun Anwar cuba ambil alih dan tadbir kerana DAP dan PAN masih mengharapkan ihsan untuk jadi baruah Mahathir lagi.

    Jika itu benar…. Memang sepatut nya Anwar tidak perlu bersusah payah membina semula imej yang telah dirosakkan oleh Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Azmin, Zuraidah, Mohd. Sabu, Lim Guan Eng.

    Penasihat parti PKR, Wan Azizah perlu mengingatkan Anwar bahawa hala tuju PKR tanpa PH perlu ditetap kan mulai sekarang sebelum tiba pilihanraya ke-15

  17. Apabila DAJJAL mata satu dilepaskan,dan
    datang ke Taman Tempat tinggal Zunnun,
    maka dengan bangganya Zunnun sujud dan
    mencium tangan dajjal tu….

    Keluar dari mulut Zunnun…

    “ahhhhh kekasih ku..ohhh…dah lama aku tunggu ongko”

    selepas 40 hari,dia di kejar hingga tercirit-cirit

    INSAF LAH BRO!-kamu aku rasa teRsangat kurang imbangan ilmu.

    banyak sangat teori akal kau,melebihi kerasional hukum
    mengenal tuhan.

    KAMU TERLALU OVER KERASIONALISME-hingga menjemput masok
    syaitan dalam fikiran kamu sebagai sandaran bagi melunaskan
    dendam pegangan dan idoloit politik.

    sedarlah,apa yang kau ucap tu bercampor aduk dengan ilham

  18. apa akan berlaku jika kerajaan #melayu2islam di bawa kpd mereka bulu puki khatijah dan bulu kote si muhammad, apekah #melayu2islam akan mengatakan bulu2 puki dan kote tersebut suci?

    #kepalabutuh punya pendewaan sebagini rupa #nelayu2islam….

    tuhan yg merangkumi segala bidang ilmu, babi2 #melayu2islam masih menjilat2 tekno yg di reka dan di majukan oleh kaum yg mereka jolokan sebagai kapir …..

    babi2 malaun2 pAs, yg tak sedar diri, kekafiran dah lama tertanam dlm diri, hinggakan ‘allah’ yg di sembah hanya sebutan belaka….

    ‘islam’ ala #kepalabutuh, hanya berdasarkan kepercayaan, pendewaan, ikutan2 semata2…

    1. Tak, depa bawak bulu puki bini kau, emak kau, nenek kau, anak2 kau.

      Dia ni semua mana ada bersih suci, depa balun juga apa saja yang ada, jenis sex maniacs. Apa saja yang inside a skirt, dia balun, termasuk Scotsmen.

      DAP DIRTY OLD MAN ZUNNUN THE PUKIMAK ini pulak suka kepalabutuh. Adik, abang, bapak dan datuk dia punya semua di lukum nya.

      Pagi petang siang malam kerja nya melukum kepalabutuh.

    2. Junnun…

      Hang nak balun Hadi, Mahathir atau sesiapa saja, aku tak kisah kerana mereka cuma manusia biasa.

      Tetapi You Have Crossed The Line, bila you dah sebut bulu puki Khatijah, bulu kote Muhammad. Have some respect la to our prophet and his family members. Don’t drag them into your political enrage. Takkan itu pun kau tak boleh faham!

      1. who is muhammad prophecy?

        a being or an unbeing?

        let starts the respect to seek truth here…

        ape beza muhammad bin aminah & kenabian muhammad ?

        yg mana kamu sembahkan lafaz syahadah ?

  19. #melayu2islam yg di perkenalkan oleh malaun hadi yg mengasaskan amanat seketul daging babi…

    #melayu2islam penjenamaan ape,sebenar nya?

    melayu yg hidup men”babi” dgn pengkianatan, menyamun sana sini, kulum #kepalabutuh, serta #melayu2 yg perdagangan ayat2 dari buku yg di cetak utk kepentingan diri….

    islam yg di anuti bagaimana pula? ‘islam’ ala puki yg asyik terngagga, hinggakan syahadah membawa kpd pemujaan dan pendewaan assobiyah pagan arab bentuk nya…

    nabi muhammad jolok pedang, nabi muhammad jolok puki2 bini, dan tidak hairan segala keluarga muhammad bin aminah di jadikan sandaran pemujaan belaka….

    di khasmir, di sebuah masjid, hari hol di hiasai dgn selawat, kepujian kpd sehelai rambut si muhammad yg mereka isbatkan nabi muhammad….

    kesundalan ape penganuti agama pagan ini tidak blh membezakan muhammad bin amibah dgn krnabian/kwrasulan nya….

    di malaysia tidak kecuali, malaun2 pAs mendewa2kan muhammad bin aminah hinggakan berserban, berjubah utk menyamakan nabi muhammad mereka….

    nabi muhammad, berserban, berjubah dan berbini2 swrta menjolok pedang saba sini ke?

    malaun2 pAs dgn agama pendewaan #kepalabutuh sj bentuk nya….

    1. DAP DIRTY OLD MAN ZUNNUN THE PUKIMAK menghasut, asyik men”babi”, mengkhianat, minum air kencing sana sini, kulum #kepalabutuh Bang Ali.

      Dia sukakan “puki yg asyik terngagga”, banyak di rumah nya – bini dia, emak dia, nenek dia, anak2 dia. Disebat nya semua, dia keluarga incest, macam yang sekarang masih ramai ada di highlands of Papua New Guinea.

      Dia berbini 2-3, bermistress 4-5, Tiap malam ganti cucuk, ada yang tak dapat giliran, bergaduh, terik2 rambut, terik2 kain, hingga telanjang berang. Selfish, tak kasi jiran ke sesiapa tolong service.

  20. bila agama di isi dgn perisian dajjal, yakjuj & makjuj, agama sedemikian utk malaun2 yg astik menjilat2 puki2 yg terngagga….

    persembahan kpd tuhan yg hamba kpd emosi dgn hukuman….

    tuhan mencarut, tuhan sogok syurga, tuhan dah jadi abdi kepentingan nya ke?

    cuba2 cari tuhan yg pengasih dan penyayang, ingin di kenali….

    tapi, seketul daging babi yg suapkan dari kawah hadi, babi2 seperti kamu hidup tak lain, mem”babi”sana sini….

    ahli syurga #kepalabutuh

    1. Di rumah kamu banyak “puki2 yg ternganga”. Emak kamu, bini kamu, akak kamu, adik pompuan kamu, anak pompuan kamu …

      Tuhan kamu di pokok Kayu Ara di tepi rumah kamu, mana “pengasih dan penyayang, ingin di kenali….”

      #kepalabutuh sudah masuk mulut kamu. Bang Ali punya. Penuh mulut kamu, gamak nya.


  21. Apabila DAJJAL mata satu dilepaskan,dan
    datang ke Taman Tempat tinggal Zunnun,
    maka dengan bangganya Zunnun sujud dan
    mencium tangan dajjal tu….

    Keluar dari mulut Zunnun…

    “ahhhhh kekasih ku..ohhh…dah lama aku tunggu ongko”

    selepas 40 hari,dia di kejar hingga tercirit-cirit

    INSAF LAH BRO!-kamu aku rasa tesangat kurang imbangan ilmu.

    banyak sangat teori akal kau,melebihi kerasional hukum mengenal

    KAMU TERLALU OVER KERASIONALISME-hingga menjemput masok syaitan
    dalam fikiran kamu sebagai sandaran bagi melunaskan dendam
    pegangan dan idoloit politik.

    sedarlah,apa yang kau ucap tu bercampor aduk dengan ilham syaitan


    1. paling cantik kamu jadi pengikut Ayah Pin

      sayang dia dah Mati


      “selepas 40 hari, dia di kejar hingga tercirit-cirit”.


      Moral of the story:

      Jangan suka memburit
      Mulut ternganga mencuit
      Nanti kamu di kejar
      Hingga cirit birit.



    ‘Bukan soal calon Sabah, tapi mesti calon yang jaga kebajikan rakyat’
    21/09/20 | 12:36 pm

    Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Anwar Ibrahim berkata asal-usul dan keturunan seorang calon di PRN Sabah itu tidak seharusnya menjadi faktor utama untuk menentukannya sebagai calon yang baik.

    Yang penting katanya, seseorang calon itu perlu mewakili dan menjaga kebajikan rakyat di negeri itu.

    “Kalau kita salah lantik, yang rompak balak pun orang Sabah. Yang ambil tanah, ambil kontrak pun semua suku kaum kongsi”

    “Pemimpin-pemimpin besar Sabah kaya raya. Rakyat di bawah, rakyat di antara negeri yang paling miskin di Malaysia adalah Sabah,”

    Beliau berkata demikian semalam ketika berkempen untuk Alijus Sipil, calon PKR yang akan bertanding di DUN Tamparuli

    Sumber video:

    1. Kesian Bang Non.

      Ada pulak yang sue dia over the royal pardon re the sodomy case.

      Court dismisses Anwar’s bid to strike out suit over royal pardon.

      Tulah, nak jadi PM mesti banyak musuh, nak kena ada a clean-life record.

      1. Kesian Atok 95 nanti Hakim tanya full pardon due to miscarriage of justice yg dia recommend YDPA sign off tu miscarriage of justice due to political conspiracies Sodomi I by Atok 95 himself and Sodomi II by Najib?

  23. cuba telaah muka si Moo, dah jadi muka babi ke?

    cuba telaah muka hadi, serupa sj ke dgn seketul daging babi nya? apa hadi akan membawa nya ke liang lahat, lalu mati membangkai seperti babi?

    terdesak sgt ke kerajaan #melayu2islam yg di dokong oleh mua”FUCK”at dan melayu2 bersatu?

    waktu mula lakukan pengkianatan, beriya2 berseri2 muka malaun2 pAs, melayu2 bersatu & melayu2 omNo….

    bila dah dapat kerajaan melalui lorong belakang mati mereka, sesama melayu sesama ‘islam’ sesama negara bercakaran tak sudah hingga tiba prn sabah….

    … #melayu2islam ini penjenamaan ala kepalabutuh yg asyik membutuh #melayu mereka atau asyik memuki #islam ala seketul daging hadi merata2….

    maka tidak hairan, #melayuislam yg Moo cuba tegakan dari nasihat malaun hadi, ternyata golongan yg serba rendah akal, akhlak dan budi…

    tidak hairan, saban hari Moo, assmin serta malaun2 pAs di himpit, di tekan kerana kesundalan2 yg terkandung dlm istilah #melayu2islam itu sendiri, hingga langkah2 yg di ambil berupa tindakan terdesak belaka….

    kini, #melayu omNo dah mula sedar betape sial berdamping dgn malaun2 pAs yg membawa amanat seketul daging babi hadi….


      Kamu benarkan ker “Kerajaan” keluar dari lorong belakang kamu? Bang Ali tentu protes, di koyak rabakkan nya lubang kamu sebelum dilepaskan nya.

      Kamu asyik membutuh dan memuki, mana korang boleh dapat undi rakyat. Dahtu asyik menjaja seketul daging babi yang tak laku hingga berulat. Nanti, kamu tak mau rugi, kamu goreng dengan maggots nya sekali, kamu hidangkan untuk makan bersama puak kamu. Yerrrkkk …

  24. Kalau bertembung..

    Yang PN bukan BN nak pakai simbol apa?

    Dalam kertas undi guna simbol bukan perkataan PERIKATAN NASIONAL..

    Bertembung lah UMNO dengan BERSATU ..

    Banyak undi rosak ..

    1. Kot secara diam2 dirancang kan begitu dek depa yang mahukan puak nya, yang sebenar nya musuh nya. kaputz.

      Musuh dalam selimut.

      Kalau di masa perang, jumpa saja yang begitu, terus tembak mati.

      Kalau di bidang politik, bamboo saja lah secara lisan sehingga buluh pecah.

  25. Sangat Mengelirukan? Dacing bukan Pakatan Nasional?


    Korang kena tipu. Padan muka. Depa memang rancangkan supaya korang jadi keliru.

    Eat your hearts out. Learn not to be dunggu. Or jadi Pak Dogo. Then you’ll be safe. But, can you?



    Protes besar-besaran di Thailand tuntut reformasi monarki
    21/09/20 | 11:13 am

    Ribuan penunjuk perasaan berarak di Bangkok pada Ahad lalu, dengan secara terbuka mencabar pemerintahan raja Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn untuk mengemukakan tuntutan reformasi bagi mengekang kekuasannya.

    Penunjuk perasaan semakin berani sepanjang dua bulan demonstrasi menentang istana Thailand dan kerajaan yang dikuasai tentera, melanggar pantang larang mengkritik monarki sejak lama – yang tidak dibenarkan berdasarkan undang-undang lese majeste.

    Laporan oleh Reuters.

    1. What has it to do with the price of tea in China?

      So blardy dungu.

    2. Komen begitu, bagi tajuk begitu, macam mana korang nak dapat save dari selalu kena tendang terajang ke longkang bersama Najib Klepto wal Jibo?

      1. Know thine enemy.

        Yang songlap berbilion wang rajyat di 1MDB itu musuh.

        Hantam lah dia. Di sini ke, lain2 blogs ke.

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