1. DS Najib adalah bekas PM Malaysia yang sekarang menghadapi tuduhan mahkamah dalam kes pecah amanah wang negara terbesar dalam sejarah dunia moden.

2. Kenyataan beliau smlm menyanggah usaha pembangkang khususnya Presiden PKR DS Anwar Ibrahim yang mengetuai blok PH didalam memberikan check dan balance kepada pakej rangsangan PM adalah sesuatu yang amat tidak wajar.

3. Seorang yang menghadapi tuduhan berat di mahkamah seperti Najib sebaiknya jangan campuri urusan pentadbiran kerajaan dan pembangkang.

4. Tugas pembangkang yang efektif dan bertanggungjawab memang seharusnya bersikap kritis dan serius didalam menentukan polisi kerajaan tidak diselewengkan. Apatah lagi terhadap sebuah kerajaan yang dibina atas asas penyelewengan.

5. Tidak seperti pembangkang sebelum ini yang tidak efektif kerana tumpuan hanya kepada mencuri kembali kuasa dan lepas hukuman jenayah, pembangkang hari ini berkerja menjadi pembangkang efektif.

5. Cukuplah dunia heran dan ketawa melihat kerajaan ini dibina oleh tandatangan dan sokongan ahli parlimen yang menghadapi tuduhan jenayah di mahkamah spt Najib.

6. Kita juga wajar curiga dan mempersoalkan apakah sokongan hebat Najib kepada Muhyidin sbg PM sekarang sebahagian dari Pakej Rangsangan untuk lolos dari hukuman?

7. Najib, cukuplah menjadikan Malaysia bahan lawak dunia.

8. JUST STAY IN COURT ( or jail later).

Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor

29 March 2020, 4 Syaaban 1441H.

Updated: 29 March 2020 — 9:02 am


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    Special Report: Working the golden goose………
    Adam Aziz
    The Edge Malaysia

    December 26, 2019 12:50 pm +08
    This article first appeared in The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on December 16, 2019 – December 22, 2019.

    Mahathir with Wan Zulkiflee. Photo by Sam Fong/The Edge

    Petronas has contributed much to the government’s coffers. Now the shareholder needs more, faster.

    LAST Monday, Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) was reported to have raised RM6 billion by selling portions of its shareholdings in Petronas Gas Bhd (PetGas), Petronas Dagangan Bhd (PetDag) and MISC Bhd while retaining a controlling stake as part of its “portfolio management strategy”.

    The next day, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in an interview that the federal government was considering selling stakes in Petronas to oil-producing states Sabah and Sarawak, and trimming its interest in unlisted units to “raise funds for ourselves”.

    One name came up: Mahathir told the press in New York just months ago that an initial public offering (IPO) of Petronas’ golden goose, its wholly-owned upstream unit Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB), is on the cards.

    Touching on the matter in a recent interview with The Edge, Petronas president and group CEO Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin said a PCSB IPO had been discussed, although only “in concept”.

    He underlined several things to consider: the valuation it can attract from the market, how letting go of a stake in PCSB affects the integration within the Petronas group and the impact on Petronas’ long-term capacity to give out dividends.

    These are valid considerations. Petronas’ upstream operation is a much bigger component in the wider group relative to its listed units. It certainly can be monetised, but how should it be done?

    Listing a giant

    For simplicity, a PCSB listing here is equated to a listing of Petronas’ upstream assets — although for operations in Myanmar, Egypt and Turkmenistan, subsidiaries bearing the “Carigali” name are placed under Petronas International Corp Ltd.

    By implementing the valuation used by the recent listing of oil and gas behemoth Saudi Aramco, Petronas group’s market capitalisation could range from RM689.5 billion to RM980.9 billion, according to news reports.

    At a typical price-earnings ratio of 15 times of Petronas’ FY2018 net profit of RM55.31 billion, the group itself would be valued at RM829.65 billion.

    This puts PCSB’s valuation — it contributed 75% to the group’s net profit in FY2018 — at around RM622.24 billion. That alone is more than half of the FBM KLCI’s market capitalisation of RM1.01 trillion as at Dec 9.

    For Putrajaya, listing 10% of PCSB for RM62.22 billion will be more than enough to remove a thorn in its flesh — addressing the mounting 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) debt plus interest of RM50.5 billion.

    PCSB can even list just 5% for RM31.11 billion (US$7.48 billion) — which, in theory, is a modest amount in the international capital market. But who will be buying?

    Hints from Saudi Aramco and recent Malaysian IPOs

    As Saudi Aramco’s listing has shown, it is not easy for an oil and gas IPO to attract the desired valuation right now.

    On its first trading day last week, the “world’s most profitable company” touched its much-desired valuation of US$2 trillion — making it the world’s first, albeit briefly. This is higher than the US$1.7 trillion valuation at its IPO.

    It downsized its public spread to 1.5% (to raise around US$25 billion) from 5%, and it was listed locally in Saudi Arabia, reportedly because foreign demand was weaker than expected.

    Pundits cited concerns over excessive control by the largest shareholder (the Saudi government), geopolitical risks (as much of its assets are concentrated in Saudi Arabia) and forecasts of weakening global demand for hydrocarbon.

    In that sense, Petronas is not much different.

    It has always been answerable to the federal government — and there were times when Petronas stretched its balance sheet slightly to support Putrajaya’s initiatives such as the RM30 billion special dividend to help repay federal tax refunds.

    At home, Petronas faces a certain geopolitical risk with the issue of oil royalty and control over Malaysia’s hydrocarbon resources at play. This involves nearly half of the group’s revenue of RM251 billion — or RM170.7 billion — last year that came from domestic operations and exports.

    Unlike Saudi Aramco, Petronas cannot fall back on the domestic stock market for the sake of obtaining a desired valuation.

    If history is any indication, it may be a tall order to list just even 1% of PCSB for the estimated RM6.22 billion on the local bourse. Further, the minimum public shareholding spread on Bursa Malaysia is 25%.

    The last big-ticket IPO in Malaysia, the re-listing of Lotte Chemical Titan Bhd (LCT) in 2017, provides an indication of the depth that Bursa has to absorb big-scale IPOs currently.

    Initially eyeing RM5.92 billion through an offer of 30% of its enlarged share capital, LCT managed to raise only RM3.54 billion as the IPO size was scaled back by one-fifth, its offer price cut to RM6.50 from RM8 apiece and the retail portion only 62% subscribed — over half of which was then bought back by LCT in the first week of listing.

    It appears that many anticipated sizeable IPOs here have faced hiccups too — such as the RM1.5 billion IPO of home improvement retailer Mr DIY, which was delayed to next year, and the US$500 million (RM2.08 billion) fundraising by Malaysia’s largest fast-food chain QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd, which has been postponed indefinitely, according to news reports.

    More shareholders complicate decision-making

    As Mahathir pointed out, the other option is to sell stakes in Petronas privately to oil-producing states like Sabah and Sarawak. “Petronas is a very big company. It depends on how much [the states] can pay also,” he was quoted as saying.

    Meanwhile, the Terengganu government has voiced its interest in buying a stake in Petronas for “a reasonable amount of equity”.

    But having more shareholders could complicate the decision-making process, from dividend payout to operations. A Sarawak minister even came out to say that a stake sale would complicate the ongoing oil royalty dispute.

    As it is, Petronas needs to balance its responsibility to i) the federal government, ii) the national oil and gas industry as its custodian, and iii) the group’s own growth for sustainability.

    With complete ownership of Petronas — and indirectly PCSB, which is the biggest income contributor in the group — Putrajaya has the discretion to request Petronas to prioritise the country’s needs.

    The RM6 billion sale in PetGas, PetDag and MISC last Monday is a clear example. If Putrajaya insisted, it could use the funds for nation-building purposes. Petronas did not respond to questions from The Edge on the utilisation purposes.

    Other feasible options

    Instead of PCSB, Petronas could consider paring down stakes in other downstream units, which have less implication on the larger group. An IPO of its 74%-owned South African fuel retailer, Engen Ltd, may be on the cards, Bloomberg reported in October.

    With a net profit of ZAR1.8 billion (RM510 million) in FY2018, Engen could fetch a market capitalisation of up to RM10 billion at the valuation given to its peers.

    Another unit is Petronas Lubricants International (PLI). After ramping up production capacity in recent years, PLI is well-equipped to capture markets like India and China — and is focusing on higher-margin synthetic products while actively exploring the speciality chemicals and electric vehicle fluid to future-proof the business. It is currently the ninth largest lubricants group in the world by volume, with sales of 1.2 billion litres annually.

    Going back to Petronas’ dividend to the government, totalling RM252 billion from 2011 to 2019, this represents a decent payout ratio of 58% during the period, or an annual average of RM28 billion.

    Selling 5% in PCSB for RM31.11 billion would affect the annual dividend contribution to Putrajaya by around RM1 billion.

    Compare this with Putrajaya’s debt obligations, such as the RM13.9 billion in relation to 1MDB debt from 2017 to 2020 (or RM3.475 billion each year), or its debt service charges, which is expected to grow at a slower pace to RM34.95 billion under Budget 2020.

    Perhaps Malaysia’s effort to trim its debt level leaves it little room to wait for the goose to lay its golden eggs.

  2. Najib mungkin mendapat simpati dari penyokong beliau. tetapi tidak mungkin boleh kembali sebagai PM. Beliau tersangkut dengan banyak kes mahkamah. Zahid pun.


    Petronas to pay RM24b dividend to govt in 2020……….

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 — Petronas Chairman Datuk Ahmad Nizam Salleh (fourth, left) showing the Petronas Group Financial Result Announcement book during Financial Result Announcement at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) today.Also present Petronas President and Group Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin (third, left). (BERNAMA photo)
    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 — Petronas Chairman Datuk Ahmad Nizam Salleh (fourth, left) showing the Petronas Group Financial Result Announcement book during Financial Result Announcement at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) today.Also present Petronas President and Group Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin (third, left). (BERNAMA photo)
    February 27, 2020 @ 10:50am

    KUALA LUMPUR: Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) says it will pay RM24 billion dividend to the government this year.

    Petronas president and group chief executive officer Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin said there was no plan for a special dividend payment to the government this year.

    “No plans (for special dividend),” Wan Zulkiflee said at the national oil company’s briefing on its financial year 2019 performance here today.

    Last year, Petronas paid a total of RM54 billion dividends to the government, comprising RM24 billion in normal dividend and RM30 billion in special dividend.

    The additional RM30 billion was to help the government settle refunds of RM37 billion in Goods and Services Tax and income tax.

    Petronas’ net profit dropped 27 per cent to RM40.5 billion for the year ended December 31, 2019 from RM55.3 billion recorded in 2018.

    This was primarily due to lower revenue as well as net impairment on assets amounting to RM7.3 billion.

    Its revenue slipped four per cent to RM240.3 billion from RM251.0 billion in 2018, mainly due to lower average realised prices for major products.

    This was partially offset by the impact of higher sales volume, mainly for petroleum products and liquefied natural gas (LNG) coupled with the effect of the weakening of the ringgit against the US dollar.

    “The year remained difficult as the industry continued to be marred by consistent and prolonnged volatility.

    “Against this challenging landscape, Petronas had shown strong resiliency through its operational and financial performance for 2019.

    “Our progress and achievements in pursuing our three-pronged strategy demonstrate our perseverance and robustness as an integrated energy company,” Wan Zulkiflee said.

    For the fourth quarter (Q4), the group’s net profit stood at RM4.1 billion, down 71 per cent from RM14.3 billion, primarily due to impairment on assets and lower revenue.

    Revenue in Q4 was eight per cent lower to RM64 billion from RM69.9 billion, due to lower average realised prices for major products.

    Capital expenditure (capex) for Q4 2019 amounted to RM18.8 billion, attributed to upstream, gas and new energy, and downstream projects.

    Capex for the year stood at RM47.8 billion.

    Wan Zulkiflee said it was business as usual for Pertronas in light of the uncertainty surrounding Malaysia’s political scene.

    “We remains focused on our efforts in addressing volatily to drive business forward,” he added.

    The group expects a challenging operating environment in 2020 given the ongoing geopolitical uncertainties, prolonged trade tension and near-term demand disruptions due to Covid-19 outbreak.

    Meanwhile, Wan Zulkiflee said the group was allocating RM50 billion capex this year, based on the assumption of oil price at US$50 per barrel.

    Last year, oil price averaged at US$71 per barrel.

    He said domestically, the group was allocating between RM26 billion and RM28 billion capex, and three per cent of total capex for gas and new energy business.

    Petronas’ net cash position as at December 31, 2019 stood at RM81.6 billion.


    KERAJAAN dijangka memperkenal dasar monetari dan rangsangan fiskal tambahan tidak lama lagi untuk melindungi ekonomi dari risiko berkaitan Covid-19, menurut penganalisis.

    Kemungkinan itu tidak boleh ditolak berdasarkan prospek ekonomi negara yang terjejas oleh kejatuhan harga minyak mentah dalam keadaan pergolakan pasaran kewangan global.

    Kerajaan memperkenal beberapa langkah seperti mengurangkan 25 mata asas (bps) dalam Kadar Dasar Semalaman (OPR) kepada 2.50 peratus oleh Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) pada 3 Mac, menurunkan harga minyak dan memperkenal pakej rangsangan ekonomi bernilai RM20 bilion pada 27 Februari.

    “Ada prospek sekurang-kurangnya satu lagi pengurangan 25bps-50bps dalam OPR,” menurut Maybank IB Research.

    Bank pelaburan itu tidak menolak kemungkinan pengurangan Nisbah Keperluan Rizab Berkanun sebanyak 3.00 peratus pada masa ini berikutan pasaran kewangan global yang merudum minggu lalu menyebabkan keadaan kewangan merosot.

    Katanya, mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Dasar Monetari BNM yang akan datang dijadualkan pada 4 dan 5 Mei depan bagaimanapun terdapat potensi mesyuarat tergempar akan diadakan.

    “Pengurangan SRR boleh diumumkan di luar mesyuarat seperti yang diumumkan pada November 2019,” katanya.

    Memandangkan kerajaan baharu meneliti semula pakej rangsangan ekonomi, Maybank IB Research yakin beberapa langkah dapat dipertingkat dan diperluaskan.

    Katanya, beberapa langkah pelonggaran fiskal disasarkan dan mengikut masa yang bermula Mac hingga September boleh dilanjutkan hingga akhir tahun.

    Dari segi peranan syarikat berkaitan kerajaan, syarikat minyak nasional, Petronas yang mempunyai tunai bersih RM73 bilion akan mengekalkan pelan perbelanjaan modal domestiknya untuk mengurangkan sebarang impak ke atas industri minyak dan gas tempatan.

    Maybank IB Research juga tidak menolak prospek dividen tambahan atau khas Petronas untuk meningkatkan kewangan kerajaan bagi mengelak peningkatan defisit belanjawan negara secara berlebihan dan mengurangkan perbelanjaan kerajaan untuk membiayai rangsangan fiskal tambahan.

    Sementara itu, Pengarah Wazan Capital, Izrul Zainal Abidin berkata, belanjawan yang disemak semula atau tambahan perlu dibuat untuk menampung kekurangan dalam Belanjawan 2020 berikutan ia dirangka semasa jangkaan harga minyak pada AS$62 setong berbanding AS$30 setong sekarang.

    Dalam pada itu, beliau menambah, kerajaan perlu memperkenalkan struktur cukai lebih berkesan untuk meningkatkan pendapatan berikutan pemansuhan Cukai Barang dan Perkhidmatan (GST) pada dua tahun lalu.

    Beliau berkata, Cukai Jualan dan Perkhidmatan (SST) ternyata gagal menggantikan GST dari segi kutipan.

    Menjelang sidang Parlimen pada 18 Mei depan, Izrul turut menekankan kepentingan ahli politik untuk memberi tumpuan kepada perbahasan mereka mengenai isu ekonomi dan mencari jalan bagi meningkatkan aktiviti ekonomi dan mengurangkan pengangguran.

    “Memandangkan persekitaran ekonomi global menjadi lebih tidak menentu dan berikutan Malaysia semakin terdedah kepada pergerakan harga komoditi global, risiko kejutan sedemikian dijangka meningkat,” katanya.

  5. najib bini rosmah

    Apa beza Kerajaan Pintu Belakang dan Kerajaan Pintu Jubor? Bezanya ialah video sudah masuk laman web porno dan pengecaman negatif. Pembawa bala Covid19. Kahkahkah!

  6. Nasib baik lah negara kita di perintah oleh kerajaan pintu belakang. Sikit je lagi, kita akan di perintah oleh KERAJAAN LUBANG JUBOR.


  7. najib bini rosmah

    Kerajaan Pintu Belakang yang sudah “ditolak” Rakyat Malaysia pembawa bala bencana. Si Kitol tabur duit sana sini macam perompak tak minta izin. PRU15 nak dekat? Kahkahkah!

    1. Nak minta izin siapa bro? Izin pm7 atau izin bekas menteri2 PH yg dah gila meroyan tu? Org gila mana boleh ambil kira percakapan mereka bro. Ohh.. Lupa plak, izin dari bakal pm5/6/7/8/9/10 tu ke?

    2. najib bini rosmah

      Perompak pun pandai nak minta izin? Ini perompak jenis bapak cool ke? Perompak mana tahu minta izin main sakau masuk tv. Kahkahkah!

  8. para penyanagk nak belagak wara’
    ada ynag suka ada ynag tak perasan
    penyangak duk congak
    boleh lepas ka

  9. najib bini rosmah

    Belum cukup 2 bulan kita sudah ada Perdana Menteri Kerajaan Pintu Belakang, Menteri Air Suam, Menteri Lubang Jamban dan Menteri Halau Budak Balik Kampung. Tambah Menteri kaki tipu Makcik Kiah lagi. Kahkahkah!

    1. Satu lagi broo… Kita ada bakal PM lubang jubo. (ada rekod 2 kali masuk jel kes lubang jubor). Tentu kau suka kan?

    2. najib bini rosmah

      Macai yang minat isu jubor pun kita ada juga. Macai pembawa bala Covid19. Kahkahkah!

  10. Ezam…
    Sudah2lah buat pertnjukan lawak bodoh awak dgn 6 kotak misteri tu serata negara. Lupa nak tanya, isi kotak tu masih elok lagi ke? Kalau elok, baik kau buka balik. Boleh cari makan ni.


    Cara Muhyiddin Tangani Covid-19 Tingkat Sokongan Rakyat – Penganalisis………

    Seorang penganalisis politik percaya cara Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin mengurus krisis Covid-19 akan membantunya meraih sokongan bukan sahaja akar umbi, malah dalam kalangan ahli Parlimen yang sebelum ini meragui kemampuan beliau.

    Pensyarah di Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Dr Azmi Hassan berkata, kata-kata dan tindakan Muhyiddin ternyata kena tempat pada masa krisis.

    Ketika mengumumkan pakej rangsangan bernilai RM250 bilion pada Jumaat, Azmi berkata, Muhyiddin memperlihatkan bahawa kerajaan kini sedang berbuat sebaiknya bagi membantu semua golongan yang terkesan oleh wabak tersebut.

    “Saya percaya ucapannya berjaya meredakan perasaan putus harapan dalam kalangan ramai orang. Saya fikir Muhyiddin kini merupakan individu yang mahu didengari oleh ramai kerana kebolehannya itu,” katanya kepada FMT.

    Azmi berkata, jaminan Muhyiddin bahawa kerajaan pimpinannya prihatin tentang nasib semua, walaupun ia bukanlah kerajaan yang dipilih oleh rakyat, adalah sesuatu yang penting susulan persepsi umum mengenai keabsahan pentadbiran Perikatan Nasional.

    “Ucapan itu menegaskan bahawa walaupun kerajaan yang ada kini bukanlah kerajaan yang dipilih oleh pengundi dalam pilihan raya umum lepas, namun ia mampu mengurus kerajaan pada masa krisis dan hakikat itu dibuktikan melalui pakej rangsangan,” katanya.

    Petikan ucapan Muhyiddin itu banyak dikongsi di media sosial, dengan sebilangan pengguna merakamkan penghargaan mereka terhadap mesej beliau, selain menyuarakan kefahaman mengenai senario politik yang wujud.

    Azmi berkata, walaupun ketika mengambil alih jawatan perdana menteri majoriti sokongan yang diterima Muhyiddin sangat sedikit, namun cara beliau mengendalikan krisis Covid-19 “akan mengubah keadan” itu.

    Penganalisis dari Universiti Sains Malaysia Dr Sivamurugan Pandian berkata, ucapan Muhyiddin yang komprehensif itu menjelaskan mesejnya bahawa tidak ada mana-mana pihak yang akan diabaikan.

    “Baginya, perdana menteri adalah milik semua orang tanpa mengira agama, kaum, gender atau pegangan politik,” katanya.

    Beliau berkata, pihak-pihak yang sebelum ini mengkritik Muhyiddin turut memuji kepimpinannya.

    “Kita tidak boleh menghalang mana-mana orang daripada mempolitikkan atau bermain politik, hatta semasa krisis sedang berlaku, tetapi Muhyiddin akan berjaya melepasinya kerana beliau menangani isu teras berkaitan keperluan harian dan permintaan semua rakyat.

    “Langkah terbaik yang boleh dibuat oleh orang lain ialah bekerja bersamanya dalam satu pasukan sama ada mereka pembangkang, aktivis atau sesiapa juga,” katanya.

    Dr Lee Kuok Tiung dari Universiti Malaysia Sabah berkata, walaupun pakej rangsangan itu tidaklah sempurna, seperti yang disebut oleh sesetengah pengkritik, namun Muhyiddin sememangnya berusaha memasukkan sebanyak mungkin sektor masyarakat ke dalamya.

    Katanya, cara Muhyiddin mengendalikan krisis berkenaan memberikan kepadanya peluang untuk keluar daripada bayang-bayang bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    “Musuh politik beliau akan menyerangnya sebaik sahaja Dewan rakyat bersidang, tetapi saya percaya beliau telah memenangi sokongan ramai orang.

  12. Ezam…
    Sudah2lah tunjuk bodoh di setiap tempat.
    Dari pm4, 5,6,7,8..kau masih tak keluarkan apa dokumen dlm 6 kotak tu.
    Takkanlah semua orang boleh kau tipu dan kencing. MP/ahli yg dah ketagih bau air kencing PH mungkin kau boleh tipu sbb majoritinya guna sijil palsu.
    Dah hampir habis semua parti politik kat Malaysia ni kau masuk, mungkin parti komunis shj yg kau belum join. Rakyat dah nampak, siapa sebenarnya yg bodoh dan bakal kena game.


    Getah/M.Sawit: Beberpa Bulan Lalu AS Kecam, Kini Akur………..

    GETAH menjadi tumpuan di saat-saat sukar apabila transformasinya dalam bentuk sarung tangan, terbukti menjadi penyelamat nyawa sehinggakan negara ekonomi terbesar dunia turut memuji produk komoditi keluaran Malaysia itu.
    Malah, Kedutaan Besar Amerika Syarikat (AS) di Kuala Lumpur menerusi ciapan Twitter rasminya turut berkongsi maklumat bahawa 65 peratus atau 225 bilion helai sarung tangan digunakan barisan wiranya – saintis, doktor, jururawat dan petugas di barisan hadapan, didatangkan dari Malaysia!
    Ironinya, hanya beberapa bulan lalu, Malaysia dikecam AS atas dakwaan salah satu syarikat tempatan menggunakan khidmat buruh paksa dalam operasinya.
    Berikutan itu, pihak Kastam dan Perlindungan Sempadan AS bertindak menyekat import sarung tangan getah pakai buang keluaran syarikat berpejabat di Sepang, WRP Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd (WRP).
    Bagaimanapun, lonjakan permintaan serta kekurangan bekalan susulan penularan pandemik Covid-19 menyebabkan AS tiada pilihan kecuali akur dan menarik balik sekatan terhadap syarikat itu pada 23 Mac lalu.
    Walaupun permintaan AS terhadap sarung tangan getah adalah sebanyak 170 bilion helai atau 32 peratus daripada jumlah permintaan dunia, eksport WRP hanyalah mencecah tiga bilion helai yang mencerminkan langkah kecil syarikat itu sebelum meraih kejayaan di masa depan.
    Di sudut lain, demi menampung lonjakan mendadak permintaan itu, Persatuan Pengeluar Sarung Tangan Getah Malaysia (MARGMA) terpaksa mendapatkan kebenaran kerajaan untuk beroperasi pada kapasiti penuh walaupun di tengah-tengah pelaksanaan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP).
    Sejajar dengan kedudukan Malaysia sebagai pengeluar terbesar sarung tangan perubatan, MARGMA perlu memastikan bekalan itu mencukupi untuk kegunaan hospital dan petugas kesihatan dalmn usaha memerangi pandemik itu, kata Presiden persatuan, Dennis Low.
    MARGMA dijangka menyumbang kira-kira 225 bilion helai sarung tangan pada tahun ini, iaitu kira-kira 65 peratus daripada keseluruhan keperluan dunia.
    Ketika industri sarung tangan getah berharap kerajaan mempertimbangkan rayuan itu, pengeluar tempatan satu lagi produk berasaskan getah iaitu kondom, menjangkakan berlakunya pengurangan mendadak produk itu berikutan perlu menggantung operasi susulan PKP itu.
    Sebagai contoh, Karex Berhad yang mengeluarkan satu daripada lima kondom dunia, tidak mengeluarkan sebarang produk itu sejak 18 Mac lepas lalu PKP dikuatkuasakan.
    Laporan media turut mengetengahkan kekurangan sehingga 100 juta kondom, lazimnya dipasarkan oleh jenama antarabangsa seperti Durex, yang dibekalkan kepada sistem penjagaan kesihatan negara seperti NHS Brjitain atau yang diedarkan oleh program bantuan seperti Tabung Kependudukan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu.
    Susulan lanjutan tempoh PKP sehingga 14 April ini, bekalan kondom dikatakan berdepan tekanan dan kekurangan ketara itu berkemungkinan besar disusuli dengan kelahiran ramai bayi dalam tempoh 10 bulan atau seterusnya.
    Dalam pada itu, minyak sawit Malaysia turut berperanan membantu dunia membendung Covid-19.
    Minyak sayuran itu yang meletakkan Malaysia sebagai pengeluar utama, banyak digunakan sebagai pengganti bahan surfaktan berasaskan petroleum bagi tujuan pembuatan sabun dan pencuci.
    “Bahan ini tidak hanya membersihkan tangan dan pakaian anda, tetapi turut membunuh kuman termasuk coronavirus,” kata Ketua Pengarah Lembaga Minyak Sawit Malaysia Dr Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir.
    Pengarah Eksekutif Majlis Negara-Negara Pengeluar Minyak Sawit (CPOPC) Tan Sri Yusof Basiron menulis di akaun Twitter beliau : “Minyak sawit membantu ketika musim coronavirus apabila kita perlu berada di rumah. Malah, usaha memasak lebih mudah dengan menggunakan minyak sawit yang harganya amat berpatutan!”
    Secara purata, Malaysia mengeksport kira-kira 20 juta tan minyak sawit mentah dan kalangan penganalisis bimbang pengeluaran komoditi itu akan terjejas jika pandemik itu berlarutan dan mengekang keupayaan negara memenuhi permintaan global.
    Jumlah simpanan minyak sawit Malaysia susut 4.2 peratus kepada 1.68 juta tan pada Februari 2020 daripada 1.76 juta tan pada bulan sebelumnya. -BERNAMA

  14. PH bergaduh besar sbb pm7 berdolak dalik bila nak undur dan serahkan kuasa kpd pm8.
    PM7 ditekan kiri kanan oleh pkr, DAP & PAN supaya undur.
    PM7 tidak setuju, dlm hatinya tiada yg tahu.
    Mlm tu… Tup… Tup… Pm7 letak jwtn pm7. Semua jd tercengang, sasau dan terkencing dlm seluar.
    (PH dam kencing berpisah tiada)

    … bersambung.


    PERINGATAN Hentikan penyebaran berita palsu atau anda akan berdepan tindakan tegas daripada PDRM dan MCMC. Rujuk

  16. IRAH,

    COVID-19: Warga Malaysia di AS, UK perlu balik

    PUTRAJAYA: Rakyat Malaysia di Amerika Syarikat (AS) dan United Kingdom (UK) perlu pulang seberapa segera sebelum negara berkenaan menguat kuasa perintah berkurung, berikutan penularan COVID-19.

    Menteri Luar, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, berkata mereka mesti berbuat demikian ketika syarikat penerbangan kedua-dua negara itu masih beroperasi.

    Menurut beliau, kos membawa pulang rakyat Malaysia sangat tinggi, iaitu kira-kira RM50 juta bagi membawa pulang rakyat Malaysia di AS.

    “Sekiranya mereka pulang sendiri, kos ini dapat dimanfaatkan oleh kerajaan untuk membeli keutaman lain seperti peralatan perubatan di hospital,” katanya.




    1. Bro Anon 2:22 pm,

      Kejora tk kisah..setakat duit tambang nk keluar
      Siapa lah yang tidak sayangkan akan buah hati
      Nmun, tak le semudah yg dicakap Menteri Luar
      Sbb..Irah juga tertakluk dgn progam kt univrsiti

      Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaaaaahhhhhh

      1. Bro Anon 2:22 pm,

        Siapa lah tk syng..mcm Citata punya mambang
        Sukar nak dicerita, dalm hati ini punya bimbang
        Tk jdi apa lah, setakat Kejora nk bayar tambang
        Bukn ler nilai Irah dibanding tiket kapal terbang

        Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaaaaahhhhhh

        1. Bro,

          Mmg keadaan Corona di US kelihatannya ngeri
          Kenaikan kes jngkitan berbelas ribu dlm sehari
          Kejora tk kisah..klu nak keluar tambang sendiri
          Asal dpat pulang dgn selamat..Irah ku bidadari

          Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaaaaahhhhhh


    Wan Zulkiflee pada sesi taklimat mengumumkan prestasi kewangan dan suku keempat 2018 Petronas. – ………

    Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) akan membayar dividen RM54 bilion kepada kerajaan termasuk dividen khas RM30 bilion bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2018, kata Presiden merangkap Ketua Pegawai Eksekutifnya, Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin hari ini.

    Bercakap kepada pemberita pada sesi taklimat mengumumkan prestasi kewangan dan suku keempat 2018 syarikat itu di sini, beliau berkata, dividen khas itu akan dibayar secara berperingkat sepanjang tempoh 2019, bermula Januari.

    Dalam pembentangan Belanjawan 2019, kerajaan menjangkakan menerima dividen khas sebanyak RM30 bilion daripada Petronas dan menjadikan hasil Kerajaan Persekutuan berjumlah RM261.8 bilion atau 17.1 peratus daripada Keluaran Dalam Negara Kasar (KDNK) bagi 2019.

    Bayaran dividen khas daripada keuntungan Petronas itu akan digunakan sepenuhnya bagi menyelesaikan tunggakan bayaran balik cukai yang dianggarkan RM37 bilion, merangkumi cukai pendapatan sebanyak RM18 bilion dan Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan berjumlah RM19 bilion.

    Bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2018 (FY18), keuntungan bersih Petronas meningkat sebanyak 22 peratus kepada RM55.3 bilion daripada RM45.5 bilion pada 2017, didorong oleh peningkatan hasil serta kiraan semula susut nilai aset bersih.

    Sebahagian daripada peningkatan itu diimbangi oleh kos produk serta pengeluaran bersih lebih tinggi, susut nilai dan pelunasan dan perbelanjaan cukai.

    Hasil bagi 2018 meningkat sebanyak 12 peratus kepada RM251 bilion daripada RM223.6 bilion pada tahun kewangan 2017, disebabkan terutamanya purata harga direalisasi lebih tinggi bagi semua produk utama namun sebahagiannya diimbangi kesan pengukuhan ringgit berbanding dolar AS serta jumlah jualan lebih rendah terutama bagi gas asli cecair (LNG).

    Aliran tunai daripada kegiatan operasi pula meningkat sebanyak 14 peratus kepada RM86.3 bilion daripada RM75.7 bilion pada 2017. – BERNAMA

  18. najib bini rosmah

    Berapa negara dah iktiraf Kerajaan Pintu Belakang tajaan si Kitol Moden? Kasihan backdoor PM dan menteri pintu belakang. Tapi kamu boleh salahkan Covid19 dan duduk rumah. Kahkahkah!

    1. Tak perlu ada pengiktirafan dr negara2 lua. Cukuplah majoriti rakyat Malaysia sendiri yg cakap,”KAMU PH NAK CAKAP APA PUN CAKAPLAH, KAMI DAH SERIK DAN TAK AKAN SEKALI-KALI TERTIPU LAGI DGN DAKYAH PH/DAP”.

  19. Sekarang ni dah nak masuk stage darurat dah. Tak perlulah nak hangat berpolitik. Habiskan masa dan tenaga sahaja nak berdebat dalam parlimen pulak tu tak pasal-pasal kena tahan dengan polis kerana ingkari PKS. Saya tahu PH nak gunakan alasan ini prioriti utama adalah nak menjatuhkan PN. TAk ke kecoh tak semena-mena parlimen dibubarkan dan Pilihanraya akan dijalankan waktu ini?
    Saya rasa adalah lebih baik dan manfaat sekiranya semua tak kira latarbelakang politik, agama dan bangsa untuk bersama-sama berusaha membantu rakyat dan negara mengharungi wabak ini. Cadangan saya kepada MKN, sekiranya jumlah wabak semangkin meningkat melepasi 3000, negara perlu isytiharkan darurat.

    1. jgn pulak, bila duduk rumah, terlebih berpolitik dgn bini pula, nanti, di luar ada covid 19 L, dlm rumah ada covid 19 D pula.

      tapi, jika kao duduk bertapa dlm gua sekali pun, itu pun politik juga, kerana kesundalan ape pula dgn sebagitu rupa?




    1. Bro Anon 2:02 pm,

      Terima kasih lah bro, kerana kasihankan Kejora
      Mmg Kejora ini..sngt risau keselamatan si dara
      Tpi, bukanlah dia dpt nk balik dgn kadar segera
      Sbg pelajar kna lalui bnyak prosedur & tatacara

      Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaaaaahhhhhh

  21. Satire 15/20 Hujung Minggu

    covid 19 : lu luu, luuu, yo, see how destructive our strategies were, pinning and now, they are penning how to fight us

    covids’ : ya, yaa, yaaah

    covid 19 M : loh, tapi ada virus lagi power sedang bangkit…

    covids’ : wat,watt, watt the puck? new virus in malaysia?

    covid 19 : cannot be laa, every body know ma, we are dangerous. People scare me. People cough and sneeze, cat, dog, baby will run. bird also “run” ma.

    covid 19 M : beware, Malaysia got 2 more deadly viruses ma

    covids : wat, wat names?

    covid 19 M : Amanat Virus and Malay Fascism. one still very active, abd one very new.

    covid 19 M : Amanat virus from arab kawarij, 1450 yrs ago, and malay fascism, since omNo dan pAs kawin become muaFUCKat, pucking one another

    covid 19 : got such pucking virus meh?

    covids : so how?

    covid 19 M : wait and see pru 15 meh

    1. Puck you, moo


    Rakyat Malaysia kongsi pengalaman perintah berkurung di London…….

    “Lockdown” di United Kingdom (UK) kini masuk hari kelima, bagi rakyat Malaysia Maznah Khalil yang berada di London bersama keluarganya, sukar untuknya meluahkan apa yang tersirat di hati.

    Maznah, bekas kakitangan Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia (Bernama), dijadual pulang pada 15 April menerusi penerbangan Malaysia Airlines, dengan perintah berkurung di London dan larangan perjalanan udara di kebanyakan negara di dunia, beliau amat berharap dapat pulang ke Malaysia seperti yang dirancang.

    “Sekarang susah nak hubungi Malaysia Airlines untuk dapatkan maklumat penerbangan. Setakat ini, tiada maklumat mengenai perubahan penerbangan, saya harap semua baik-baik saja.

    “Tetapi dengan perkembangan terbaru, tak tahulah sama ada selamat atau tidak kalau balik. Sebab itu saya buat persediaan yang perlu sama ada di London mahupun di Malaysia,” katanya ketika dihubungi Bernama pada Sabtu.

    “Saya bernasib baik kerana mempunyai tempat untuk tinggal di London, jika nak dibandingkan dengan pelawat lain yang terpaksa duduk di hotel dan terkandas akibat penerbangan ditunda,” kata Maznah.

    Pada awal Februari, Maznah bersama anak dan dua cucu perempuannya melawat menantunya yang menuntut di London, kini tinggal di daerah South Lewisham.

    “Sama seperti perintah kawalan pergerakan di Malaysia, hanya seorang ahli keluarga sahaja dibenarkan keluar membeli barangan keperluan. Kebanyakan kedai tutup kecuali yang menjual barangan keperluan harian. Kami sudah buat persediaan awal beli keperluan seperti beras, tepung dan telur.

    “Di Malaysia, saya dengar larangan lebih ketat, di sini rakyat masih boleh ke mana-mana dan ada yang pergi ke taman dan sebagainya.

    “Walaupun kerajaan UK kuat kuasa lockdown baru-baru ini, tetapi banyak syarikat swasta telah meminta kakitangan mereka bekerja dari rumah dan langkah penjarakkan sosial dibuat lebih awal,” kata Maznah.

    Sehingga kini, UK melaporkan sejumlah 17,089 kes Covid-19 dengan 1,019 kematian manakala seramai 135 pesakit pulih.

    Perdana Menteri UK Boris Johnson dan Setiausaha Kesihatan Matt Hancock juga dilaporkan positif dijangkiti Covid-19 dan kini dikuarantin.



    Petroliam Nasional Bhd. has raised about 6 billion ringgit ($1.4 billion) by cutting its stakes in three listed units, people with knowledge of the matter said.

    Malaysia’s state oil company reduced its holdings in retail subsidiary Petronas Dagangan Bhd., natural gas transporter Petronas Gas Bhd. and shipping company MISC Bhd., according to the people. The share placements were executed Monday, the people said, asking not to be identified because the information is private. Petronas said in a statement it completed block trades in these companies, without saying how much it raised.

    The selldowns will rank among the biggest-ever block trades in Malaysia, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Petronas is raising capital to fund overseas expansion after finishing up a $27 billion refinery and petrochemicals project at home.

    Petronas said in the statement the block trades were marketed to Malaysian institutional funds to allow for more local participation and ownership in these listed companies. It still retains its controlling stakes in the firms, which will continue to be its subsidiaries, it said.

    It plans to allocate a larger share of its future capital expenditure to projects in the Americas, Chief Executive Officer Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin said in an April interview.

    A representative for Petronas didn’t immediately respond to an email and phone call seeking comment. Officials at Petronas Dagangan, Petronas Gas and MISC couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

    — With assistance by Yantoultra Ngui, and Tien Hin Chan

    (Updates with Petronas statement in second, fourth paragraphs)
    Terms of Service Trademarks Privacy Policy ©2020 Bloomberg L.P. All Rights Reserved


    Ini, PH Pelingkup Petronas..

    PH Jarah, Sekarang Nak Mainkan Watak Hero Rakyat!!!
    Lepas Beratus Bilion Harta Petronas PH Jarah, Sekarang Nak Mainkan Watak Hero Rakyat!!!

    Rakyat perlu didahulukan dalam malapetaka Covid-19 dengan mendapatkan segala sumber kewangan yang boleh.
    Memang betul, kerajaan yang baik ialah kerajaan yang mengutamakan rakyat dan tujuan ahli politik berpolitik ialah untuk membantu rakyat disamping membangunkan negara.
    Akan tetapi, bunyinya jelek apabila ia disuarakan oleh pemimpin Pakatan Harapan :
    Anwar Ibrahim :

    “Gunalah rizab besar (negara) yang ada.”
    “Sama ada rizab kerajaan atau Petronas untuk menyelamatkan rakyat dalam keadaan sekarang.” (LIHAT VIDEO DI SINI).

    Lim Kit Siang :

    “Saya setuju dengan dengan Anwar, gunakan rizab negara atau sumbangan Petronas.” (BACA DI SINI).
    Kenapa ianya menjijikkan bila Pakatan Harapan sebut tentang rizab Petronas?

    Ini sebabnya :

    》Kerajaan Barisan Nasional di bawah DS Najib Razak tinggalkan rizab kekayaan Petronas yang besar.
    Kedudukan tunai bersih Kumpulan Petronas dalam pengumuman hasil kewangan pada suku kedua 2018 (sehingga 30 Jun 2018) ialah RM180 bilion (termasuk dana pelaburan).

    》Selepas Pakatan Harapan ambil alih selama 19 bulan, kedudukan tunai bersih Petronas pada 31 Disember 2019 cuma tinggal RM81.6 bilion!!!
    》Pada 18 Mac 2020 lalu, Bernama melaporkan, tunai bersih Petronas hanya berjumlah RM73 bilion (BACA DI SINI).
    Berapa jumlah tunai bersih Petronas dijarah regim Pakatan Harapan kalau ikut laporan ini?
    Lebih RM100 bilion!!!

    》Berapa banyak pula duit Petronas di rompak oleh Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan melalui bayaran dividen tahunan dan dividen ‘khas’?

    Tahun 2018 : RM26 bilion
    Tahun 2019 : RM24 bilion + RM30 bilion (dividen khas) (BACA DI SINI).
    Pendapatan Petronas pada 2019 menyusut, tetapi terpaksa mengeluarkan dividen khas untuk kerajaan Pakatan Harapan (BACA DI SINI), (DI SINI – M/S 8) dan (DI SINI).

    》Pada akhir 2017, kebergantungan negara terhadap pendapatan hasil minyak ialah 12.7%.

    Tetapi pada 2019, Pakatan Harapan naikkan sehingga 33% (LIHAT VIDEO DI SINI).
    》Pada Disember 2019, RM6 bilion pegangan saham dalam Petronas dalam 3 anak syarikatnya telah dijual :

    – Petronas Dagangan Bhd
    – Petronas Gas Bhd
    – MISC (perkapalan)

    Bloomberg lapor, ini merupakan antara penjualan saham terbesar di Malaysia (BACA DI SINI).
    》Beberapa hari selepas itu, kerajaan Pakatan Harapan mahu jual lagi secara besar-besaran saham Petronas (secara IPO).

    Anak syarikat mana yang terlibat?
    – Petronas Carigali dengan nilai RM689.5 billion hingga RM980.9 billion, seperti laporan The Edge Markets (BACA DI SINI).
    》Dulu, sebelum Pakatan Harapan jarah kekayaan Petronas, mereka tuduh Kerajaan Barisan Nasional dan DS Najib rompak harta negara.

    Malaysia akan bankrap dan macam-macam.
    》Kini, selepas Pakatan Harapan melahap kekayaan Petronas, mereka desak pula kerajaan sekarang supaya guna rizab Petronas.

    Mungkin Pakatan Harapan memang berhasrat hendak jahanamkan terus Petronas.
    Agenda yang tidak sempat mereka lakukan.
    》Pakatan Harapan mahu dipandang sebagai hero dalam malapetaka Covid-19 ini.

    Namun untuk pengetahuan, sebelum mereka sebut tentang Petronas, RM20 juta terlebih dahulu telah disumbangkan Petronas kepada hospital berupa ventilator, katil hospital dan tilam selain kamera pengimejan termal, termometer digital, kit ujian virus, pelindung hidung dan mulut serta peralatan perlindungan peribadi (PPE) (BACA DI SINI).

    Cuma yang belum menyumbang ialah kroni-kroni Dr. Mahathir, kroni-kroni DAP yang menjadi ‘instant billionair’ selama 22 bulan Pakatan Harapan memerintah.
    Di mana mereka?
    Kalau benar Pakatan Harapan ambil kesah dan prihatin kepada kesusahan rakyat sekarang, kenapa mereka tidak mendesak kroni mereka untuk tampil hulurkan bantuan?

    Kredit :
    Fb Korek Korek

  25. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    Keadaan covid19 di US sgt lah menekan emosi
    123750 kes di US, mmg lah berat punya situasi
    Paling truk New York, Wshington & New Jersey
    Semoga si dia, prlindungan Allah sntiasa di sisi

    Subhanallahi walhamdulillahi wala ilaha illallah

  26. Cukuplah berpolitik buat ni…. yg penting masalah rakyat diselesaikan terlebih dulu.
    Bagi wabak covid-19 ni selesai dulu. Tu yg penting.
    Bila dah selesai….nak berbahas sampai tercabut anak tekak di Parlimen. Silakan… x de sapa nk halang.
    Tolonglah mana-mana pihak tak kira dari PN ke…PH ke…
    Nyawa & kesihatan rakyat lebih penting.
    Dengan sibuk nk buat sidang tergempar di Parlimen boleh ke menghidupkan seorang rakyat Malaysia yg telah mati disebabkan wabak ni ataupon kebuluran sebab tak berduit utk beli makanan.
    Kalau tak bole bekerja macam pengarah kesihatan – Dr Noor Hisham..duduk diam dirumah.
    Biar mereka yg bole buat kerja…buat kerja mereka.
    Kalau dah tak boleh nak menolong…TOLONG JANGAN menyusahkan orang nk buat kerja & menambah kerja orang lain.

    1. Amende yang gomen boleh buat Pak Mat? Selain dari ikut social distancing, hantaq drones banyak2, tangkap depa yang tuang lockdown, kawal merebak.

      Depa di US pun belum ada ubat bagi Covid 19, Pak Mat.

    2. Mohd? Mohd ! Mohd.

      cuba se saat kamu berhenti berpolitik.

      menguruskan keinginan kan politik nama nya

      cuba tanya, bini, bila nak ke pasar, ape yg dia inginkan?

      cuba bangkang keinginan nya?

      tapi, kesundal2 ku Klux Klan jenama melayu, bukan lagi keinginan..

      kesundalan mereka dah jadi kepentingan

      keldai2 mereka tak kecuali, dgn virus amanat hadi dan virus kangkang “may i ask you something” dah cukup utk mereka politik sana sini, hingga dewan parlimen mereka takut sekali

      Article 101, Perlembagaan, terkaku membisu kesundalan politik penjenamaan mereka

      wee ejek, mana ada kelajaan “melayu islam” ma? ini bohong sj

      terkedu2 kesundalan melayu2 dgn “islam” mereka.

      1. Yang terkedu ia lah kamu. Terkedu tak tahu menjawab.

        Tapi kamu sundal, keluarkan kata2 Wee dengan tidak cadangkan jawapan.

        Mungkin kamu menyundal dengan Bang Ali. Nama zunnun itu bukan Melayu. Padan lah kau keluarkan kata2 itu nak menidakkan Kerajaan Melayu Islam.

        Majoriti Melayu yang beragama Islam dalam Kerajaan, bodoh lah nak menidakkan hal itu.


    Matthias Chang: I tried to warn Mahathir about Kit Siang and Guan Eng………

    Mathias said he had dealt with Kit Siang in 1987 when the latter aligned himself with Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li). Source (pic): Astro Awani

    Lawyer and author of the Future Fast Forward Trilogy, Matthias Chang, took a swipe at Lim Kit Siang today, calling on the people to tell the DAP supremo uno to “shut up.”
    In a fiery, no holds barred signature write-up, the one-time political secretary to fourth Malaysian premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said people should bombard the senior Lim and tell him to “stay at home and to indulge in self-serving political masturbation.”
    “Tun M was blinded by Kit Siang’s false subservience and Kow Tows. Tun M fell for it. I had told Tun M, Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are arrogant scumbags.
    “Not a snake, but the scorpion in Tun M’s pocket. Tun did not listen.
    “Karma is in play now.”

    PETALING JAYA: Lawyer and author of the Future Fast Forward Trilogy, Matthias Chang, took a swipe at Lim Kit Siang today, calling on the people to tell the DAP supremo uno to “shut up.”

    In a fiery, no holds barred signature write-up, the one-time political secretary to fourth Malaysian premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said people should bombard the senior Lim and tell him to “stay at home and to indulge in self-serving political masturbation.”

    “This is the only cure for such a person bored to tears because he cannot get attention.

    “He is sick, a mental sicko talking co*k and bull. Also demand his resignation as MP as he had promised that if Tun M did not transfer power to his master, Anwar, he would resign,” Matthias said.

    The lawyer implied that Anwar was Kit Siang’s puppet guised as a ‘master’.

    “He did not (resign), because no master resigns for his puppet.”

    Mathias said he had dealt with Kit Siang in 1987 when the latter aligned himself with Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li).

    “He is dangerous to our country’s unity. He knows that he cannot get power on his own standing and with DAP’S DNA.

    “So he first allied with Ku Li and Semangat 46. Then backdoor and between his legs, found a compromise with PAS via a backdoor alliance with PAS.

    “That failed miserably!”

    Matthias was likely referring to the lead up to the 1990 general election where the Ku Li led Semangat 46 formed two coalitions with other opposition parties to win the election.

    The Gagasan Rakyat (GR) coalition was with the (DAP) and Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) while the Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (APU) coalition was with Muslim parties Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), Pan-Malaysian Islamic Front (BERJASA), Parti Hizbul Muslimin Malaysia (HAMIM) and the (then) newly formed Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (KIMMA).

    Semangat needed to go about things this way as the DAP refused to meet PAS halfway on the Islamic state concept.

    “He (Kit Siang) then allied himself with Anwar, (leading to) another backdoor with PAS to form Pakatan Rakyat,” Matthias added.

    “Failed again. Lim Kit Siang’s history is one of failure, one after another.

    “(He) then (tried) another backdoor to power with Tun M. But, for the fact that we had to topple Najib, we would not have tolerated Lim.

    “But, Tun M was blinded by Kit Siang’s false subservience and Kow Tows. Tun M fell for it. I had told Tun M, Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are arrogant scumbags.

    “Not a snake, but the scorpion in Tun M’s pocket. Tun did not listen.

    “Karma is in play now.”


    So tell me, Guan Eng, how is Muhyiddin able to spend RM250 billion?……..

    “If Pakatan Harapan claimed that the previous administration – which registered a healthy 50.8 Debt-to-GDP – was “going to the dogs,” the country was probably under the care of Rottweilers and Dalmations by the time Perikatan Nasional took over”

    On the 5th of September 2018, nearly four months into power, the (then) newly minted Pakatan Harapan federal administration claimed it was untrue that the previous administration left RM42 billion for government use.

    According to then Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng, there was only RM450 million available in the coffers as of the 30thof April 2018.

    “Do you believe (the previous government) left RM42 billion to us (the government)? It can’t be true as there were only millions, not billions.

    “That’s why we need to impose the Sales and Services Tax (SST). We (government) don’t have enough money,” he said.

    We know this is a lie, and we know what a great liar Lim Guan Eng is and how he manipulates facts and figures to make mountains out of molehills.

    Still, the DAP secretary-general said towards the end of the three-month tax holiday, imposed by government following the zeroing of GST rates, there had been requests for the government to delay the implementation of SST.

    “But, I’m sorry. We need money to run the country. Otherwise, we will be facing an operating deficit,” he said.

    In other words, Lim told Malaysians outright that the country had “no money to spend” and “must collect SST taxes to survive.”

    To help fill the nation’s coffers and to plug the repayment of the Goods and Services Tax and income tax refunds (RM37 billion), in November 2019, Lim announced that the government expected to receive a dividend commitment from Petronas amounting to RM54 billion, inclusive of a one-off RM30 billion special dividend.

    To top that, the government undertook to sell 12 strategic assets worth RM25.6 billion, including IHH Berhad (RM8.42 billion), Sapura Upstream (RM3.7 bililon), Acibadem Sigort (RM1.25 billion), Telco M1 (RM1.65 billion), TNB shares (RM1.05 bililon), Boustead Plantation (RM1.2 bililon), Axiata Digital (RM0.579 bililon), BDO Unibank (RM0.415 bililon), CIMB (RM0.364 billion), Royale Chulan Hotel (RM0.197 bililon) and the Hong Kong Consulate building, sold to a buyer from China (RM1.6 billion).

    The biggest joke was Khazanah’s decision to sell 16% of its stake in IHH Healthcare to Japan’s Mitsui & Co for a meagre RM8.42 billion, leaving Khazanah only 26% equity interests in the company, a share cut worth RM13.13 billion today.

    It was a joke, as not only was IHH’s 2017 year-end value US$11 billion, it clocked an annual revenue of RM11.1 billion and a pre-tax profit of RM2.3 billion, making its shares worth many times more what Khazanah negotiated with Mitsui.

    But never mind that – we now know that the Ministry of Finance undertook some ridiculous and “are you kidding me with this sh*t” measures – which Lim conveniently said was Mahathir’s bidding – to fill the nation’s coffers.

    But what do figures say?

    Well, official Bank Negara figures show that in May 2018, the national debt was at RM686.8 billion – or USD175.65 billion, based on the exchange rate then – while the Debt-to-GDP was 50.8 per cent.

    By the 31st of December the same year, Lim and gang managed to ‘push’ the debt figure right up to USD179.3 billion, blaming it on loss in revenue due to the “tax holiday.”

    But the tax holiday lasted only three months – Pakatan, on the other hand, managed to raise the debt by a whopping 7.6 per cent within a year of coming into power despite all the asset selling and what have you.

    Within said period, the GDP rose RM7.6 billion as the country added RM54.3 billion to its debt pile, bringing the new Debt-to-GDP ratio in 2018 to an exact 51.8 per cent, 1.1 per cent upstream of what the previous government left the treasury with.

    By the 31st of December 2019, the national debt had soared to USD195 – 196 billion – depending on where you get your figures from and the exact manner in which calculations are done – proving that Lim’s only contribution was to make matters worse.

    Based on these figures, and going by Lim’s tale that Pakatan Harapan did not have money to spend when it took over government due to the country’s ‘enormous’ debt, Pakatan had to have ‘robbed’ money somewhere or stylised its books to make ends meet.

    Perhaps Lim auctioned off his underwear in the black market and got others in the Ministry of Finance and Khazanah to do the same to help generate money to run the country.

    Yes, if Pakatan Harapan claimed that the previous administration – which registered a healthy 50.8 Debt-to-GDP – was “going to the dogs,” the country was probably under the care of Rottweilers and Dalmations by the time Perikatan Nasional took over.

    So tell me, Lim, where did Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin get RM250 billion from?

    Is he adding to the debt pile you left behind, ‘robbing’ money from here and there or performing ‘accounting acrobatics’ like you did?

    Or is he also auctioning off his underwear in the black market and getting others in the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health and Khazanah to do the same?

  29. Lawak?

    sejak kesundalan2 melayu fascist Ku Klux Klan tebuk atap seperti yg lebai2 penyembah berhala2 pAs wadahkan.

    yg memgembirakan

    Lawak2 menteri2 mereka..

    (1) adham dgn tunggang air suam, mematikan haiwan covid 19.

    Covid 19, terbahak2 ketawa 🤣🤣

    (2)lebai pendek anAk mAn dgn selamba mengatakan, pembalakan di kelangtang ada SOP nya.

    lalu, Perunding Teknikal Audit menjelaskan, SOP yg di beri sejak 2015 tiada di kembalikan tatacara “oversight procedure” hingga SOP yg ada, masih bersifat “conditional” sj

    (3) betina sundal pAs, zailah dgn angka2 statistic 1% kematian sbb covid 19 dan 100% kepastian mati.

    ibu yg melahirkan si betina ini, salah mengangkang hingga beral nya amat nyata. Setiap kematian itu, ada kesan dari sebab2 nya. Tidak mungkin, system shutdown dgn tiada sbb2 yg nyata. Nyawa yg nak di cabut, perlu ada pengertian nya

    (4) betina sundal, si zailah dgn kesundalan kedua nya, teragak2 retifikasikan pompuan kawin bawah umor.

    Maka, tunjukan langkah dari berkata, kawinkan anak 12 tahun nya kpd siape yg inginkan nya. Puki dgn umor sedemikian, terkeliur, jantan2 yg ada, menjilat2 akan nya

    (5) Moo dgn pembentangan Supplimentary SP nya, menjauhkan dari Parlimen, kerana ketakutan nya. Parlimen dah jadi inggauan kpd kerajaan tebuk atap ala pintu belakang nya.

    (6) lebai Audi Q7 dgn kesundalan nya, akan mencari pasaran sawit di negara2 teluk, mengantikan China dan India pula.

    yg kesundalan nya tak mengerti, berape kah bilangan penduduk2 di sana?

    Market Research yg di peolehi, arab lebih menyukai, minyak masak jenama yg terkemuka sj.

    atau kesundalan nya, menyahut cabaran kerajaan sundal dan kekuasaan singgahsana yg ada, utk perluaskan ladang2 sawit ke kawasan hutan2 simpan dan tanah gambur pula?

    maka, TH di jadikan hamba?

    (7) menteri agama nya, Al Bakri, menyundal pula, dgn acara sembah menyembah hajat, agar tuhan mendengar LEBIH PEKA, keresahan dan keinginan kerajaan yg ada.

    (8) terkini, lebai pendek ibrahim anak mAn mengembirakan kita sekali lagi.

    Kementerian Alam Sekitar Nya, akan mangkaji Covid 19 dlm sistem pembentungan najis manusia.

    Aduh, Aduh, ape jenis sundal2 yg kerajaan tebuk Atap ini ingin pertontonkan.

    tapi, dlm suasana MCO, bagus juga, lawak2 mereka, mengembirakan kita semua.

    1. “kesundalan2 melayu fascist”?

      Kamu menyundal di sini? Selalu “mengangkang”? Selalu jumpa Bang Ali? Hingga menjerit “Aduh, Aduh, ape jenis (pukulan nih).

  30. Najib, hanya nama je.

    Kesundalan nya, bukan di bina sekelip mata. Byak bentuk2 dan nama2 terlibat bersama.

    Mahathir yg mudah lupa nya, Moo dgn gopoh nya, #hadiweng ala barua nya, si lebai Jin dgn belaan Jin2 nya, si lebai pendek dgn bantut nya, si betina pAs dgn kawin bawah umor nya, si dzul dgn kongkek betina bali nya, si apandi dgn kebebalan nya, penyamun2 omNo dgn sekongkongan Nya, si keldai2 belaan fascist melayu dgn #bossku mereka…

    si babi2 belaan #amanat dgn virus kapir sana sini nya.

    Kesatuan itu di beri angka 1 dlm ilmuan manusia.

    1(n..~) ÷ 0 = ~

    = (Nothingness)(Everythingness).

    1(x), 1(y), 1(m)….

    Maka, di mana Bentuk Mathematical Si Najib? = 1(666)

    Jin Yg Bernama Najib 😈

    yg lain yg asyik memuja2 dan mendewa2 Nya 1(666) = 1(666 + ∆s)

    PN satu dari wadah yg Najib kini menjenamakan ketrampilan baru nya.

    kerana, dlm PN, acuan cabutan number2, ada number (666), mewakili Pekan yg bersama2

    Jgn pulak kesundalan2 lebai2 sundal pAs penyembah berhala menafikan nya

    Jgn pulak kesundalan2 ku klux klan Melayu2 malu utk menyatakan kebenaran Nya..

    Jgn pula, Mereka Yg di Singgahsana, menafikan keperluan kehadiran Nya.

    (666) dgn ahli2 Nya.

    satire pagi minggu

    Hi Jin, siape kamu?
    Hi zunnun, ape aku?

    Huh ??

    Hi Jin, ape kamu?
    Hi zunnun, kejahatan kamu


    hi zunnun, ngape tersedu2?
    hi Jin, tertelan kuldi

    hi zunnun, ngape bagitu?
    hi Jin, biji kuldi berjensma 1(666)

    Hi zunnun, kao memahami aku.
    Hi Jin, siape yg membela kamu

    Hi zunnun, lebai pAs, harun nama nya
    hi Jin, siape tuan terbaharu kamu?

    Najib dan gerombolan2 yg berkepentingan.

    Hi Jin, siape yg beri makanan kamu?
    hi zunnun, suami najib & bomoh nya.

    Hi Jin, siape suami nya si najib
    hi zunnun, ibu segala ibu di negara

    Hi Jin, siape nama nya?
    hi zunnun, “may I say something…” rahsia?

    1. Awat dok salin kata2 hang di sana sini?

      Awat ada dialogue pulak nih?

      Penyakit lockdown yang hang kena ka?

  31. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
    123,428 kes covid di US, bukn ler kecil kejadian
    Kenaikan, 19,302 kes sehari..Kejora sgt terharu
    Dah meningkat kpd 2,211 angka pula kematian
    Itu termasuklah 515 orang kematian yg terbaru
    Subhanallahi walhamdulillahi wala ilaha illallah

    1. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
      Semakin berat, di US..Covid-19 punya serangan
      Di hati Kejora ini..asyik je dilanda kebimbangan
      Risau, klau sesuatu menimpa dara kesayangan
      Kpd Allah..Kejora pohon, dia diberi prlindungan

      Subhanallahi walhamdulillahi wala ilaha illallah

      1. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
        Covid19 di US lebih dahsyat dari taufan Katrina
        Hnya 1830 kematian je Katrina landa Louisiana
        Tpi US kini dh 2227 krban nyawa akibat Corona
        Moga, Allah sntiasa lindungi si dara, di US sana

        Subhanallahi walhamdulillahi wala ilaha illallah

        1. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
          Bukan lah sbab cgu maths, Kejora minat angka
          Tpi sedih dgn keadaan covid-19 dekat Amerika
          Dek Corona..dah 123750 org yg ditimpa celaka
          Kejora brdoa..agar si dia dijauhi apa jua petaka

          Subhanallahi walhamdulillahi wala ilaha illallah

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